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Thank you for your interest in my herd of dairy goats. I hope that you enjoy browsing through the site and getting to know each of the individual animals that make up the herd.

Dairy goats became a part of the farm in 1970 when two "overgrown" Alpine type does were brought home from a local amusement park petting zoo. Over the years, with the addition of quality registered stock and the advice and sharing from many experienced and knowledgeable breeders, the herd has progressed into the select high quality and consistent show herd of today.

The herd is bred and selected primarily for productive show quality animals. Many champions have been bred and made in the last 40+ years. The animals have placed well at several ADGA and CGS Nationals shows. Yolanda was a 2 time CGS National Champion and Best Udder winner. The does have also earned the top awards at several major fairs over the years including the New York State Fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Eastern States Expo and the North American International Livestock Exposition. Several of the animals have been awarded honors in the ALC All American program over the years including Yolanda, Nagano, Jansen, Tucker and Bastille who each have earned the title of Supreme All American.

ADGA performance programs are utilized to further demonstrate and enhance the overall quality of the herd. Linear appraisal is done on a regular basis, and the herd periodically participates in official DHIR production testing. While several high quality live service sires are used, artificial insemination is also utilized on a regular basis to further expand the genetics and quality of the herd. Three BROOKWOOD LaManchas have made their way through the national Spotlight Sale and have gone on to do well for their new owners.

The herd remains quite healthy and active due in part to the available access of fresh browse and pasture, quality genetics, and the fact that antibiotics and supplements are used sparingly. One attribute that most of the does are known for is the tremendous longevity, strength and stamina they all have. It is not uncommon for many of the doe to live and thrive well into their teen years and still maintain the structural correctness and style that enables them to continue to win GCH, BOB and BIS honors well into advanced age!

Several doe kids, select buck kids and often times milkers are available for sale each spring. I prefer that buck kids, in particular, be pre-ordered. The entire herd was on a strict CAE prevention program for many years and while the current herd members are healthy and long lived, some have not been raised on that program for the last few years due to a very erratic job schedule. Starting in 2011, all kids are once again being raised on a CAE preventative program. I prefer kids to be picked up at the farm or at shows and events where I may be showing or judging. If need be, air transportation can be arranged from Buffalo/Niagara International airport. 




Peter Snyder
759 Clinton St.

Cowlesville, New York 14037
(716) 863-1317